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Environmentally Friendly - Tencel

Tencel is a terminology that we are hearing about more regularly within the flooring industry. Recently, we had the opportunity to take part in the Jacaranda Skills Day and learned a lot about this new and exciting flooring fibre. 

Now we are no scientists, but we are passionate about flooring and environmentally friendly products, so bare with us as we attempt to explain this in the most simple, interesting way possible.

Tencel is a sustainable fabric that is generated from wood cellulose. It is very similar to the bamboo plant as it can create fibres and fabrics which is often used in clothes, materials and luckily for us, flooring! 

The forest and pulp that is produced for Tencel has earned the FSC* certification that comes from environmentally forests. The European Programme for the EFC* has also endorsed Tencel’s farming practices - so you can be assured this is the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabric available. 

Unlike other fabrics such as Viscose, Tencel does not use harsh chemicals such as carbon disulphide and Caustic Soda to change the cellulose. Instead it is a physical process. A solvent (awarded by the European award for the industry) is used to dissolve the cellulose in the water and a spinneret is then used to pull the long fibres. The catalyst used are refined out of the water and 98.9% are reused and recycled again and again. 

 The physical benefits for a consumer can be seen in the images below;

Tencel                                                      Viscose

 If you look closely at the cross section of the two yarns you can see that you can get a much more uniform, beautiful finish from Tencel. The fact that you have a cylindrical yarn made up of long straight chains of molecules gives a stronger, more resilient fibre.  

 Because the Tencel has been formed by physical rather than chemical changes, it retains its integrity. Meaning that the manufactures can make a better product and also means that the finished floor covering performs better with spilled liquid. 

If this is something that you think you would be interested to know more about then please feel free to contact us on 020 8460 5734. We supply Jacaranda Flooring who’s collection such as Santushti uses Tencel. Come into our Bromley store to see for yourself or have a look at the flooring we have fitted using this.

Watch this interesting video where Tencel is explain in more detail.


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